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We live for live music. 




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With Ticktate, fans save big! With savings of up to 20%, we're putting more of your money back into your pocket. Now, don't spend it all in one place.



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Our curation ninjas carefully select the best shows around town so you're guaranteed to find something that tickles your fancy. 



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No need to worry about losing your tickets, or digging through your inbox. Our mobile tickets are stored right on your phone so all you'll have to worry about are those killer dance moves.


Curated Selection

the Best shows around Town


What the fans are saying

“Awesome, seamless booking with my favorite bands at my favorite venues. This is my go-to app for all live shows.”
— Billy B.
“The app interface was super easy to use - but it is really all about the cost savings... Great idea and I look forward to using more!”
— Paul J.
Great app for concert tickets. Was able to get tickets to a sold out show at face value.
— Stefan C.
Just wanted to send you a quick shout out for making my Dave Matthews experience last Friday so smooth. App was flawless, friends were blown away, music was heard. nice job...
— Jeff K.
Just wanted to let you all know that I discovered your service today and can’t wait to use you for my next concert ticket purchase. I got a really good feeling about your service; I think it’ll soon be very popular.
— Aaron F.

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